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Developing A Math Team: Online and In Person

If you heard me use the word "colleague" in a conversation a few years ago, I would have been...

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Five Strategies for Peer Observation To Improve Practice

"We cannot create what we can't imagine." - Lucille Clifton

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Takeaways From A Video Coaching Experiment

You know the expression "two heads are better than one?" When it comes to coaching teachers using...

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Four Promising Practices for Getting Better Together

It's amazing to witness the online activities of Teaching Channel Teams, and see how a blended...

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Harlem Renaissance: Collaborating to Plan & Teach Gifted ELA Lessons

We filmed Sherwanda Chism and Debora Gaten over a year ago, and I've been talking about their...

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The Three Tenets of Difficult Conversations

Oh the dreaded difficult conversation! The thought of engaging in one makes even the most vocal of...

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Compassionate Coaching: Support and Encouragement Go a Long Way

Teaching is an intellectual, cognitively challenging job. It's an emotional one, too. The myriad...

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The Coach's View: Immerse Your Students in Experiential Learning

 Make learning about WWI more engaging with a few adjustments in planning.

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Boosting Your Practice: Anytime is a Good Time With These 12 Tips

Now that we're getting back into the groove of the classroom, it can be a good opportunity to try...

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7 Tips for Successful Collaboration

Who We Are and What We Do

We are National Board Certified Teachers who have been collaborative...

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Collaborating Across Disciplines: Planning & Team Teaching

Throughout my teaching career, I was lucky to have teaching partners that I loved to collaborate...

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A Coach’s Toolkit: Three Ways to Build Trust

A wise person once told me that if you lose a teacher's trust, it's nearly impossible to regain it....

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A Coach’s Toolkit: Three Ways to Take Observational Notes

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a brainstorming session with other coaches where...

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Strengthening Lessons with a Student Work Protocol

As the chill in the air gets chillier, and your stacks of student work pile up like fallen leaves,...

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What Do Coaches Do in September?

Since starting this school year, I've been spending time getting to know the five teachers that...

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The A-B-Cs of Giving Feedback to a Colleague

Providing feedback. It's so much more than sharing some helpful information with another person...

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Evaluating Lessons: Tips for Calibrating Group Feedback

My bet is if we place fifty educators in a room with a rubric and piece of student writing, we're...

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An Observation Challenge: Seeing The Invisible (Part Three)

Editor's Note: This is Part 3 of a three-part Observation Exercise. Each exercise is a stand alone...

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An Observation Challenge: What Do You See (Part Two)

Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a three-part Observation Exercise. Each exercise is a stand alone...

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An Observation Challenge: What Do You Hear (Part One)

The Importance of Learning to Observe

I distinctly remember when I needed to understand the game of...

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