#TeacherLove: Appreciating That Special Teacher

April 22, 2016 / by Paul Oh


Mrs. Taub, my 3rd grade teacher, taught me about warmth and kindness and acceptance.

Mr. Ganzi, my 6th grade teacher, showed me that the environment matters enough to take action.

Mr. Ritterman, my high school calculus teacher, made me understand the importance of humor in the midst of serious tasks.

Bud Hunt, a colleague from my National Writing Project days, continually reveals to me the power of social media and online personal learning networks. He basically dragged me onto Twitter, and I've always been grateful.

I could go on. As, I'm sure, you could. Soon, you'll have a chance to do just that. As part of our #TeacherLove campaign during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, recognize any one or all of the teachers who've had an impact on your life, professionally or personally.

Tweet, send out a Vine, post a photo to Instagram holding a card with that special teacher's name, blog, create a YouTube video -- make whatever kind of media you want, in whatever online space makes sense to you. But make sure to use the hashtag #TeacherLove so we can all share in each other's words, pictures, and videos. Throughout the week, our Tch Laureate Team will be posting their own tributes here at Tcher's Voice, and we'll be highlighting some of the great #TeacherLove pieces you produce.

We'll also be giving away cool stuff that week as a way to thank you, our Tch community, for all you do, each and every day. All you need to do is make sure you're registered here at Teaching Channel and you'll be automatically entered in our daily giveaway. Stay tuned for more information!

Join the #TeacherLove campaign during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, and get your colleagues to take part, too. Let's get everyone we know to acknowledge the teachers who've made a difference in our lives.

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Paul Oh

Written by Paul Oh

Paul Oh is Senior Director, Follow Paul on Twitter: @poh.

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