Teaching Channel Talks 35: Why Goal Setting is the Most Important Skill to Teach

April 21, 2021 / by Teaching Channel

"We're not preparing students to take a test or to earn a diploma. We're preparing them to be independent, successful, resilient, resourceful human beings."

Giving students the power of autonomy can be one of the most important skills you'll ever teach. Listen in as CEO of engage2learn Shannon Buerk and Wendy Amato discuss how to use goal-setting to both allow students to take control of their own learning and to promote equity in every classroom.

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Shannon Buerk has emerged as an industry thought leader of organizational culture, helping educators to utilize the tools of performance-based professional coaching and intentional design to elevate the performance of public school districts nationwide. With 28 years of K-12 experience, Shannon has led a thriving organization since 2011 that has partnered with 225 school districts–impacting 2.3 million public education students to date. 

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Wendy Amato earned her Master’s in Education and PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. She holds an MBA from James Madison University. Wendy began teaching in 1991, has served as a Middle School Administrator, and still teaches at UVA’s School of Education. She has delivered teacher professional development workshops and student leadership workshops in the US and internationally. Wendy and her family live near Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Topics: Equity, Lesson Planning, Supporting Students, Teacher-Family Engagement, Podcast

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