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Tch Tips: Three Ways to Help Students Build Confidence

When we think about developing confidence, we might think about preparing students to talk in...

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Five Things I Wish I Knew in Year One

I’m certain this piece has been written before. Time and time again, teachers with far more...

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Preparing Students to Access Complex Texts

The power to read is one of the most precious gifts any teacher can bestow upon his or her...

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Tch September 2018 Rewind

In case you missed any of the great ideas we explored this month on Tchers’ Voice, let’s recap...

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Connecting Black Boys and Their Families with School and Success

As teachers, we know that connection is key to success in schools. In The Guide for White Women...

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Are You Coachable?

Editor's Note: This post was orginally published on the Chalk Blog at our sister company,...

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Tips for Building Your Classroom Library

At the start of the school year, teachers around the country are busy setting up their...

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Creating Citizen Scientists: Connecting Students to the World

On the first day of school, science classrooms around the country welcomed back their...

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Tch Tips: Make the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience

You’ve got a coach! Now what?

Coaches can make your teaching life easier by giving you the tools...

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Assessment Literacy: The Most Cost-Effective Cure for Our Schools

Improving the assessment literacy of educators is, hands-down, the most cost-effective way to...

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Building Literacy Skills Through Storytelling

Editor's Note: We've asked Special Education teacher Brett Bigham to look at videos in Tch's...

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Peek at the Process: Learn By Watching Students Write

This blog post is a hypothesis. I haven’t tried this in my classroom. I don’t know for sure that...

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The Necessity of Instructional Coaching: Helping New Teachers Thrive

Six years ago, I transitioned out of the classroom and became a part-time instructional coach....

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Respecting Black Boys In a Way That Supports Excellence

What does it look like to respect Black boys in a way that supports excellence in education?

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International Dot Day: A Celebration of Courage and Creativity

"Just make a mark, and see where it takes you."

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Word of the Day

In a classroom where language takes center stage, a student dealing with communication issues or...

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Active Learning: A Strategy for Science Sensemaking

That moment on the first day of school when a student comes into my classroom and says they hate...

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Putting Thoughts on Paper: Start with a Storyboard!

As a special education teacher, I know many students have trouble analyzing text and recalling...

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Elevating the Preservice Teacher Voice in Our Math Community

I'm so incredibly thankful for my math community. As I engage in discussions with educators at...

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Starting The School Year On The Right Note For ELLs

You've set up your classroom space and spent some time getting to know your students and their...

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