Creating an Online Substitute

We all know that it takes twice the amount of work to be gone from a day of school. There's...

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Learning From Other Countries

Last week, Sarah Brown Wessling and I attended the second annual International Summit on the...

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4 Stress Relievers That Give Me Energy in Class

There's no denying the intensity of the classroom. It's bursting with energy, it's full of...

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Eustress: Bringing Stress Into the Classroom

I scoured SXSWedu this week for free and affordable resources for you that would make your...

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Heavy Boots: Tragedy in the Classroom

I stood there in front of my students, completely inept in this moment as I tried to find the...

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Top 4 Ingredients for Differentiation

In our recent Tchers' Voice Survey, you told us you want more, More, MORE, on differentiation....

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What You Want and What You’re Missing

I feel as if we've added another important cornerstone to the foundation of Teaching Channel this...

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Classroom Crisis: An Effective Post-vention Plan

Perhaps one of the primary reasons our school community in Johnston, Iowa is healing resides in the...

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Invisible Signs of Student Suicidal Behavior

The overwhelming response to my last blog post, Tragedy in the Classroom, has been yet another...

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The Power of a Think Aloud

Thursday nights bring a common ritual at my house: the weekly spelling list practice session with...

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Who Needs Feedback?

What happens to any of us when we work alone? Because the feedback that many of us get is so...

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The Detriment of Teacher Isolation

Spending thousands of hours in my own classroom and the classrooms of many other teachers, I have...

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Seeking Motivation? Find Purpose!

I have been enamored with Daniel Pink since the first time I heard him referenced at a conference....

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Elevate and Celebrate Teachers

In this third blog, I want to talk briefly about Teaching Channel's third goal: to elevate and...

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A Necessary Spark

As the new semester unfolds after winter break, I seem to find myself back in some "beginning"...

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Improving Teacher Practice

Last month I described the mission and the first goal of Teaching Channel: to drive the content of...

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Advice for a New Teacher

Before the holidays we posted an email from a struggling new teacher asking for advice. I asked for...

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Begin Again

It had been the same lunch routine for too many days in a row. I would leave my great kids in 4th ...

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It's All in the Mindset

It's time for a novice blogger's confession. I've been slow. Painstakingly slow as a writer trying...

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Johnston Forward: How I Found My Classroom

There are moments that take us by surprise, that push us out of our comfort zones, that are nothing...

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