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Setting Effective Instructional Priorities for Next Year

The end of the year is always an exciting time in schools. Along with the promise of summer, the...

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Five Tips To Help You Transition From Teacher to Coach

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Sarah's Summer Road Trip (Week 2): Question Protocols

The first leg of our virtual trip across the country to Seattle, Washington gave us special...

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Five Strategies for Hitting the Speaking and Listening Standards

I'm lucky to work in a school district that's chosen curriculum aligned to Common Core Standards 

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Sarah's Summer Road Trip: Uncovering the Secrets of Great Teaching

There's nothing that defines summer more than the classic road trip. Great plans, detours,...

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Building Relationships with Students: Being Rewarding, Not Exhausting

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Prepare for NGSS: Immerse Yourself in Authentic Science Research

A frequent question I often hear is how are we going to implement the Next Generation Science...

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Harness the Power of Writing in Math

I've always been an English-Language Arts kinda guy. Math was never my forte. When I learned...

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Ready Your Monocle: What do you notice?

I have a fascination with lenses. I find telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, and magnifying...

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Five Ways To Encourage Summer Reading and Writing

Editor's Note: This post was updated on May 30, 2017

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Collaborating Around Math: Before, During, and After Lessons

As a teacher, I was lucky to work consistently with teaching partners that pushed my thinking...

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Teaching Novels in the Common Core Era

The teaching of literature, and novels in particular, has been a subject of some controversy and...

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Differentiate Direct Instruction: Accessible Content For All Students

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Building Community and Instructional Muscle the Tch Plus Way!

At 6:00 AM on a drizzling Seattle morning, I found myself in a warehouse with barbells,...

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A Letter To My Children: What It Means to Be a Teacher

For the past several years, I've used Teacher Appreciation Week to pay tribute to this wonderful...

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Five Tips for Changing Grade Levels

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3 Ways to Help Students Master the Vocabulary Demands of Complex Texts

With the Common Core's emphasis on text complexity (including a standard devoted exclusively to...

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Three Strategies to Support Gifted Students

Teaching gifted students has been an amazing adventure. When I first began my quest as a teacher...

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Four Tools to Improve Communication Between Home and School

How do we improve? We ask questions. We read. We do what we can to learn more, and make changes...

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Sharing Lessons to Shift Practice

As a teacher, I loved designing my own lessons. There's something exhilarating about using your...

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