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Using Tch Video Strategies in Your Classroom

I couldn't be more excited to report our September Tchers' Voice survey results. Every time we...

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Let's Chat Core: Learning to Read the Core

We hear from teachers every day here at Teaching Channel. Without fail, the most frequent...

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A Glimpse into Learning Across Grade Levels

We all know how isolating teaching can be. Sometimes it can feel like you are alone with 30...

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What My Favorite Math Routine Taught Me About Differentiation

When I taught a K/1 combination class, every year prospective parents would come to tour the...

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What TV's Glee Gets Right about Teaching

I'm a self-proclaimed geek. Even our class website is called Geek Like Me. I'm not ashamed to...

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Engagement! Collaboration! Real-World Applications! Oh My!

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Emailing Parents: How to Avoid Unintended Consequences

We love it and we hate it. Email. With the appearance of a red flag or the sound of a friendly...

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Setting the Stage for Differentiation

I hope your school year is off to a great start and you are spending time getting to know your...

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14 Ways to Cultivate Classroom Chemistry

It's only September and I'm already thinking June. Not because I'm counting down days or because...

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Doors Wide Open: Reflections on the First Day

In 15 years, I haven't been able to escape the dreams that start appearing on the fringes of my...

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Back to School To-Do List

The first few weeks of school can set the tone for the entire year. Though this might sound...

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You Want More Common Core!

I get so excited when our Tchers' Voice Survey results come in. I can't wait to see what you...

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Don't Work - Dream!

Hopefully you are all enjoying a restful and rejuvenating summer! As a teacher, I have always...

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How Important is Parent Engagement?

At the end of the school year, report cards, performance reviews, and assorted rankings are...

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Summer Break: Work or Play?

Let me begin by saying: Congratulations on completing the school year, I hope you are able to...

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An Important Teaching Channel Milestone

Today is a GREAT day to celebrate! is officially one year old. Our vision...

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Top 10 Videos from Tch's First Year

Some of my favorite fast facts from 2011-2012:

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Happy Birthday Teaching Channel!

Happy birthday, Tch! What a special day of celebration for an auspicious first year. Who doesn't...

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Snapshots of a Year: Top Ten Classroom Moments

I keep telling myself that I need to get out my camera more often and capture all those moments...

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What's Been Bothering Me Since 1974

About six weeks ago, I let off some steam and told you all about a teaching norm that drives me...

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