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What NGSS Course Pathways Do You See For High School Students?

Transitions can be both exciting and marked by uncertainty. As a science coordinator and...

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Shifting From “Learning About” To “Figuring It Out” For The NGSS

As I shift my instruction to meet the requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards, I...

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Five Ways To Close A Lesson

Most of us realize the importance of a warm-up to get our bodies and minds ready, whether we're...

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Teacher Leadership Helped Me Find My Voice

I am the baby of my family. For as long as I can remember, this placement has meant constantly...

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Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain

This school year, I have the privilege of working shoulder to shoulder with teachers who are...

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Protect Your Personal Time

My career as an educator bleeds into every part of my personal life. While reading with my...

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Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age

Are you concerned about the health of our democracy? Do you feel like schools aren't doing...

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Five Ways to Start Your Lessons

Attention getters, do nows, morning meetings, hugs, and high fives. These are often the ways...

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Incorporating Play Into Your Life As An Educator

Last year, mid-September, I realized something was missing from my daily appearance -- my smile.

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Putting On Our Own Oxygen Masks

Routinely, come August, I begin gearing up for a new school year. Hopeful, optimistic, and...

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Hacking Education: 5 Key Elements For Implementing New Ideas

Think back to a time you implemented a new idea with a group of your peers. What made it...

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NGSS Have Been Adopted. Now what?

Scientists seek out other respected scientists for their opinions and collaborate with other...

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Design Thinking, Empathy, and Equity - Part 2

Author's note: This is a continuation of my post Design Thinking, Empathy, and Equity, that was...

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Boeing's NGSS Engineering Modules for Classrooms

The Boeing Company has teamed up with Teaching Channel to create 10 Science and Innovation ...

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Break Away From Perfection

As a new teacher, I've struggled in my classroom this last year. I've had lessons that don't go...

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5 Things English Learners Need From Classroom Teachers

4.8 million.

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How I Got Started With Blogging In The Classroom

As a sixth grade reading teacher, I'm always trying to think of ways to keep my students...

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Students Lead Their Learning. Here's How.

As a science teacher, the idea of self-organizing organisms makes a lot of sense to me. In...

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Ego vs. Vulnerability in the Classroom Arena

Editor's Note: This blog is the third post by Jennifer in the Upcycling Series about heading...

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NGSS Storylining: Using Entry Event Videos As Anchoring Phenomena

One of the hidden treasures of NGSS is the incorporation of coherence and phenomena-driven...

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