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My NGSS Mess

Editor's Note: Isaac's two-week unit plan pictured in this post is linked in the text below...

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Tcher's Cut: Making the Invisible Visible

I’ve long been curious about what's underneath. The back story of the author, the inspiration...

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From Traditional Conclusions to Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning

Constructing Explanations and Engaging in Argument from Evidence are two Next Generation Science...

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Video Playlist: Coaching for Improvement, Equity, and Quality

My first year as an instructional coach was a learning year.

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Women Leaders in Education

I grew up with the belief that I could do anything -- that being born a woman wouldn’t impede my...

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What I Know Now: Anchoring Phenomena in NGSS

Phenomena can be the special ingredient that brings both intrigue and relevance to an otherwise...

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Teaching for Civic Engagement: Individual and Systemic Responsibility

See Matt’s Video on Teaching Channel: Encouraging Students to Take Action

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Teaching For Civic Engagement: Academic Discussion

Editor's note: The links in this blog will download the materials Mr. Colley is referring to in...

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Six Strategies Designed to Differentiate: NGSS & The Diverse Learner

Imagine being 12 years old and being told that you're made up of tiny bits, that are made up of...

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Teaching For Civic Engagement

Teaching for civic engagement is rewarding, challenging, and uncertain work. Civic engagement is...

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Strengthening Teaching and Learning for ELLs

Adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) calls for an increase of rigor for all...

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Video Playlist: 5 Essential Practices in the Elementary ELL Classroom

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Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Science in Elementary School

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Growth Mindset: Rephrasing Praise

Having a growth mindset is multifaceted. In part, it's about persistence --  adapting and trying...

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Three Components of Building Trusting Relationships

This year, as I continue to focus on issues that impact teacher wellness, I had the opportunity...

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Teaching Is Personal: Video PD & Feedback

Teaching is personal. In fact, according to my principal, teaching is a work of heart. It's...

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What is Your Magnification for NGSS?

Where are you in your understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)?

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High-Tech, Low-Tech: Two Time-Saving Tools for Science Teachers

I'm a big fan of science notebooks for students. My students use notebooks to develop Cornell...

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Five Powerful Ideas For Student Engagement

As students walk into school every fall, I focus on routines and procedures emphasizing...

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TRUST. Give it to Get it

As part of Teaching Channel's #TchWellness series, I'm connecting with a series of authors who...

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