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My Immigrant Story : Sí Se Puede!

I’ll never forget the last day I walked out of Martin Van Buren High School. The tears rolling...

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My Immigrant Story: Embracing Education, Navigating Failure

I love the time of year when parents proudly post and share their children's prom and graduation...

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Professional Conversations Around a Tch Video

Learning from Teaching

As teachers, how do we learn in and from practice?

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My Immigration Story: New Land, New Opportunity

It was November of 1993 when we started packing the few items we had to join my mother in the...

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My Immigrant Story: Struggle, Solidarity, and Serendipity


by Teaching Channel’s Vice President of Engagement, Paul Teske

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I Am Going To The Getty Villa! An Ability Guidebook

Editor's Note: We've asked Special Education teacher Brett Bigham to look at videos in Tch's...

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Five Assessment Myths and Misunderstandings

Walking around the classroom, clipboard in hand, I moved as quickly as possible, diligently...

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Tch Tips: Surviving March Madness

March can seem never-ending. Not only is it a long month, often with no days off, it’s also a...

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Supporting Students in Developing Persuasive Policy Arguments

Mr. G. was a literacy teacher at a Colorado high school where more than 80 percent of the...

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Embracing Virtual Journeys in Science

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Building a Strong Learning Community for Newcomer ELLs

We know that students benefit from strong social-emotional support, and a big part of that is...

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Doing Poorly on Purpose: Why Smart Kids Choose to Not Do Well

As a teacher myself, I feel your pain when a capable student chooses -- yes, chooses -- not to...

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Shamrock Science: 3-D Learning with Clovers

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Youth In Front: New Resource in Support of Youth Civic Engagement

We've all witnessed an impressive array of youth civic engagement in the last month in the wake...

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Engaging Youth in Civic Action Through Writing

Can writing be a civic action?

Our answer is an emphatic, "Yes!"

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Engaging Newcomers in Language and Content

As of today, there are nearly 5 million English Language Learners (ELLs) in U.S. schools, and...

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4 Tips for Assessing Digital Literacy in Your Classroom

Can your students contend with the disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda that floods...

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Tch Tips: Creative Assessment Strategies

Do your students meet your test announcements with an audible groan?

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Early Childhood Math: 6 Ways to Teach Math Throughout the Day

Hour-long lessons? Asking students to work quietly at their desks? Not in early childhood!

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It's Cold Outside: Ideas for Relatable Science & Student Engagement

So much science to know (Teacher, it’s cold outside.)

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