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July Resource Round-Up: Celebrating Great Teachers

July 2, 2022 / by Teaching Channel

Every summer, we promise to take a moment for ourselves, after clearing out classrooms and saying goodbyes, before thinking ahead to the next school year. You might have already dove headfirst into professional development or planning. But before you get too wrapped up in preparations, we wanted to invite you to join us in celebrating great teachers!

(In case you had any doubts, that means YOU!!)

While we usually start the month with a resource round-up to help you prepare to head back into the classroom, we decided it was more important to remind you of how amazing you are and celebrate your accomplishments. Enjoy a few good stories and heartfelt messages dedicated to phenomenal teachers like you, and thank you for all you do. ❤️ 



Thank You, Teachers!

— Betsy Butler, Learners Edge

Thanking Teachers Who’ve Inspired Us

— Elizabeth Weiland, Teaching Channel

Defending a Teacher’s Right to Disconnect

— Youki Terada, Edutopia

The Happiest Man on Earth

— Eddie Renz, iteach



Teaching Channel Talks 50: Connecting with Clarity and Confidence

—Teaching Channel Talks

Podcast Mash Up: Best of Teachers in America 2021

— Teachers in America



The Teachers We Remember

— Julie Hasson, TEDxEustisTalk

Taylor Mali: Miracle Workers

—Teaching Channel 

What Teachers Appreciate About Their Fellow Educators

— Edutopia



Unleash Your Teaching Greatness

Course 5402 | 3-Credit | K-12+

“There is no school that is better than its teachers.”

In this introspective and exploratory course, you will identify the characteristics and skills great teachers possess and ponder what makes a good teacher, great. Along the way, you'll think back to why you chose the teaching profession and consider the power of your position to influence and mold the future.

What Great Teachers Do

Course 855 | 3-Credit | K-12+ 

Explore the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions that form the fabric of life in the best classrooms and schools and see what it means to be a great teacher! This course will have you examine your core beliefs, challenge the status quo, and develop activities meant to inspire students.



Shaping the Teacher Identity (2-Part Webinar Series)

— Wendy Amato, Kwame Sarfo-Mensah, Teaching Channel

Never-Ending Random Acts of Gratitude Giveaway

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