Jennifer Munoz

Jennifer Munoz

Jennifer Munoz is a STEAM + Science Specialist who works in San Diego, California, in the Del Mar Union School District. She enjoys working with other science teachers as a Tch NextGen Science Squadster, and stays connected with the local research and science industries throughout the San Diego region as a BIOCOM Teaching Fellow. Currently, she works with K-6 students as a science specialist. Jennifer has taught grades 8-12 in both Physical Sciences and Life Sciences, but truly loves teaching all sciences and engineering projects. Recently, she has been focusing on the design process and how it connects science with art and literacy to bring real-world experiences to the classroom. She is truly grateful to work with kids each day because they have no filters, and enjoys sharing these experiences to further her work of strengthening the hearts and nourishing the minds of children. Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @pettaluma.


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