800,000 Strong!

December 28, 2015 / by George Lichter

Celebrating 800,000 TeachersAs we ring in the new year, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and to share some wonderful news.

First, the news: Teaching Channel - that is to say, you, the vibrant community of teachers, coaches, mentors, and educators of all stripes that comprises Tch -- just topped the 800,000-member milestone and continues to grow each day!

This number represents to me not just the individuals across the country and around the world who call Teaching Channel a professional home. It also represents a validation of our mission to open classroom doors, through high-quality video, so that teachers can share practice, inspire and learn from one another, and, in the end, get better together.

It represents an ever-growing appreciation by the community of the fact that educators like yourselves have been willing to make themselves vulnerable, to take the leap and allow themselves to be filmed, to put their practice up for close scrutiny so that colleagues from far-flung corners -- most of whom they'll never meet -- can learn a new technique or strategy that will ultimately help their students succeed. This number, 800,000, is one every member of the community should be proud of.

And yet despite this remarkable milestone, we at Teaching Channel will not rest on our laurels. We'll continue to produce videos that provide immediate help, as well as long-term inspiration. We'll continue to make our blogs a forum for the exploration of new, timely ideas, resources, and strategies. And, perhaps most importantly, we'll continue to innovate, try out new ideas, learn from you, and, with your help, work to get better ourselves.

As Teaching Channel's new CEO, I bring with me what I hope will be useful experience from my prior work in learning, educational technology, and executive management. All that pales in comparison to the deep appreciation I have for the outstanding and tireless team here, and all who've come before me, including and especially Pat Wasley, our out-going CEO. She inspired and helped get us to where we as a community are today. I bask in Pat's reflected glow and relish the opportunity to take us even further.

I look forward to connecting with you online here at Teaching Channel!

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George Lichter

Written by George Lichter

George Lichter is the Chief Executive Officer of Teaching Channel. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer of Apollo Lightspeed, a subsidiary of Apollo Education Group, and at Apollo Education Group as Senior Vice President, Head of Integrated Academic Strategies and Development for the University of Phoenix, a role that included the management of its School of Continuing Education. He has served as a special advisor to a number of high growth and social impact companies, and senior executive with several major multi-media companies, including InfoSearch Media, Yoga Works,, Vivendi Games (formerly Cendant Software, which included in its portfolio such game publishers as Blizzard Entertainment, developer of World of Warcraft), as well as leading K-12 educational software publishers such as Knowledge Adventure, developer of the JumpStart series.

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