The Teaching Channel community is all about getting better together. We know that teachers of all levels need support, and we know you have the strategies, resources, and experiences to share that will make a difference. That's why we want you to join our Teachers' Voice blogger community! We're looking for articles that touch on relevant topics for teachers such as:

  • Remote teaching strategies
  • Building relationships with students from a distance
  • Tracking student learning
  • Keeping yourself organized
  • Culturally relevant teaching


All blog articles are required to meet these requirements: 

  • 600-800 words about a timely topic.
  • Based around rich, concrete resources. Some promotion is fine, but it should be more conversational and helpful rather than a direct sales pitch. The reader needs to find value in each post. 
  • Include links to other useful content (e.g. research, tools, infographics, videos, lesson plans, etc.).

We're seeking a variety of post formats including lists, photo essays, personal stories, practical tips, resource lists, video playlists — or anything else you'd like to share. If you have a great idea for our next article, please get in touch with us via the form below so our Editorial Team can take a look. If we love it, we'll get in touch and request a draft so we can help get you set up as a Teachers' Voice blogger. We can't wait to work with you!