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Revitalize your professional learning and find the support you need. Teaching Channel (Tch) offers the most current, relevant, and individualized teacher support materials to address key trends in education. 

Our Mission

High-quality learning experiences for all teachers

Teachers watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow on the Tch platform. The Teaching Channel platform offers a learning community that uses video and tools to help teachers get better together. 

  • Teaching Channel has over 1 million subscribers that access our library of more than 1,350 videos
  • Teaching Channel develops broadcast-quality videos and provides resources that showcase the best in teaching practices

Your Goals

Experience the Joy of Teaching and Learning

Use Teaching Channel to identify your challenges through self-evaluation and embrace ongoing learning. 

  • Learn from best-in-class educators implementing successful teaching strategies from across the country
  • Identify individualized professional learning strategies for your professional growth and improvement
  • Build your confidence in classroom instruction.

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Why Tch?

Flexible Solutions Focused on Community Based Learning

Teaching Channel is a 100% FREE professional learning solution that allows teachers from around the world to collaborate together within the confines of a private and customizable space. Teaching Channel promotes self-evaluation, self-direction, coaching and mentoring, and job-embedded inquiry.

  • Dashboards for metrics and analytics
  • High-quality tools and resources for teacher induction, virtual coaching, PLCs, and content curation